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Saturday Apr 20 2024 18:21:59
News24 | UK returns looted Ghana artefacts on loan after 150 years
The objects were stolen from the court of the Asante king during the 19th century Anglo-Asante wars.

Thursday Apr 18 2024 20:33:01
News24 | Kenya's military chief among 10 people killed in helicopter crash
Kenya's military chief, General Francis Ogolla, was among 10 people killed when their military helicopter crashed shortly after take-off on Thursday, President William Ruto announced.

Thursday Apr 18 2024 20:10:07
News24 | Zimbabwe turns 44 with little to celebrate, except if you ask Mnangagwa
Kwekwe is a haven for artisanal gold miners, who even conduct mining activities in the Central Business District, creating tunnels under roads and buildings.

Thursday Apr 18 2024 08:52:15
News24 | The UK reportedly hopes to use Botswana as a deportation destination similar to Rwanda
The United Kingdom's push to send migrants to Rwanda this week again faced resistance from the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Wednesday Apr 17 2024 22:47:37
News24 | Burundi appeals for aid as rains, floods displace 100,000
The government of Burundi and the United Nations have launched an appeal for financial aid to cope with the "devastating effects" of months of relentless rainfall that has displaced nearly 100,000 people.

Wednesday Apr 17 2024 16:44:40
News24 | Heineken shuts two plants in Nigeria as forex costs bite
The maker of Star lager and Legend Extra Stout is joining multinational companies including Procter & Gamble, GSK and Bayer that have been forced to either revamp their business or exit the country.

Tuesday Apr 16 2024 17:37:28
News24 | With war responsibilities mounting, Africa's minerals look increasingly important to US
The US could be forced to revisit its relations with African states where critical minerals used in the manufacture of weapons are sourced.

Tuesday Apr 16 2024 08:41:45
News24 | Cough medicine fears: Zimbabwe recalls children's syrup
Zimbabwe’s health regulator has, as a precautionary measure, recalled a children’s cough syrup - but fears remain that it will be sold on the black market.

Monday Apr 15 2024 19:00:12
News24 | Nigeria's power grid collapses after 230% tariff hike for richer customers
Nigeria's creaking grid collapsed for the fifth time this year in the early hours of Monday, highlighting the country's inability to provide reliable power less than two weeks after raising tariffs for wealthier consumers by 230%.

Sunday Apr 14 2024 22:17:14
News24 | Chad junta chief launches presidential campaign without main rivals
The transitional president of military-led Chad launched a campaign Sunday for a May presidential election he is likely to win, after his main rivals were ousted from the race.

Friday Apr 12 2024 21:40:30
News24 | Nigeria rolls out 'revolutionary' meningitis vaccine in a world first
Africa's most populous nation Nigeria has launched a "revolutionary" vaccine against meningitis, in what the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday said was a world first.

Friday Apr 12 2024 16:10:36
News24 | 'Wrong question': Asked if Rwanda supports M23 rebels in DRC, Kagame offers a history lesson
Rwandan President Paul Kagame is tired of being asked about allegations his government is supporting M23 rebels. So much so, that he's starting to wonder why those asking are not supporters of M23.

Friday Apr 12 2024 09:43:14
News24 | Bloom time: UK's removal of export tariffs for cut flowers a huge win for East Africa
Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, the major cut flower exporters in Africa, will be the biggest beneficiaries of a decision by the United Kingdom to remove export tariffs for two years.

Thursday Apr 11 2024 19:53:47
News24 | Mali bans media coverage of political parties - official
Mali's military-dominated authorities on Thursday banned media coverage of political parties, a day after suspending their activities.

Thursday Apr 11 2024 14:57:09
News24 | 'I will never forget her': A decade on, tragedy of Nigeria's Chibok Girls endures outside the spotlight
Ten years ago, Solomon Maina's daughter, Debora, was one of 276 schoolgirls kidnapped from their dormitory in the middle of the night by Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamist militants.

Wednesday Apr 10 2024 21:06:51
News24 | Millions face 'critical food insecurity' in Chad: NGO
Some 3.4 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian help in Chad following the arrival of large numbers of Sudanese refugees fleeing war, a French NGO warned Wednesday.

Wednesday Apr 10 2024 16:02:11
News24 | A fight about Chinese-mined lithium in Zimbabwe is causing legal uncertainty all over
A protracted lithium mining dispute between Chinese investors and a Zimbabwean government-owned corporation has led to a contentious High Court verdict that could result in the termination of mining licenses issued after 2003.

Tuesday Apr 09 2024 20:47:46
News24 | Shipwreck 200 metres off Djibouti coast leaves 38 migrants dead
The bodies of 38 migrants, including children, have been recovered after a shipwreck off the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti, the UN said Tuesday, the latest disaster on the so-called Eastern migration route.

Wednesday Jul 05 2023 19:38:35
News24 | Civilians killed in suspected Burkina jihadist attack
Around 15 civilians were killed Wednesday by suspected jihadists in Burkina Faso, security and local sources told AFP, sparking an exodus of people fearing further bloodshed.