Wed, 21 Feb 2024 13:46:00 +0100
A Visit to the Swamp: The Town Made Famous by Neo-Nazi Students
An open letter about Hitler salutes in the schoolyard and swastikas on the benches of a school in the municipality of Burg made nationwide headlines in Germany. But is the place really a hotbed of right-wing extremism? We went to find out.

Tue, 13 Feb 2024 12:26:00 +0100
Right-Wing Extremism: German Identitarians Are Trying to Make a Comeback
The Identitarian Movement in Germany seemed to have ebbed. But now the right-wing extremists are making a comeback. They have close ties to the Alternative for Germany party and a notable financier who used to be an important member of the center-rig...

Mon, 5 Feb 2024 20:39:00 +0100
Ammunition Shortages: German Chancellor Pledges To Boost Production for Ukraine
With Europe falling significantly behind on its targets for ammunition production, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is stepping in to help. He wants to significantly boost the domestic industry to assist in providing aid pledged to Ukraine.

Tue, 30 Jan 2024 09:29:00 +0100
Can the German People Stop the AfD's Far-Right Rise?
Politicians in Germany have failed to find the means to successfully fight the rise of the far-right AfD. Now, hundreds of thousands of normal citizens have taken to the streets in efforts to stop the party. Although the protest movement includes bro...

Wed, 24 Jan 2024 13:54:00 +0100
"Reason of State": The True Story Behind Merkel's Promise to Israel
Israel's security is an element of Germany's "reason of state," Chancellor Angela Merkel famously stated. It is a formulation that has since been adopted by the country's leading politicians. But what does it mean? And where did it come from?

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Thu, 11 Apr 2024 08:39:00 +0200
The Resurrection of Fire-Ravaged Cathedral Brings France Together in Unexpected Ways
Five years after the fire at Notre-Dame, the iconic cathedral in Paris now has a roof and a tower again. The reconstruction is almost complete in what is no less than a national tour de force that has led to rare unity in a divided republic.

Thu, 14 Mar 2024 13:36:00 +0100
Language Tests and Deportations: Latvia Tightens the Screws on Its Russian Minority
Around 30 percent of the Latvian population are Russian speakers. The government believes they could provide Vladimir Putin with a bridgehead into the country. The atmosphere is growing tense.

Tue, 27 Feb 2024 13:00:00 +0100
The Marseille Experiment: Macron Attempts to Save a City Rocked by Drug Violence
Almost 50 people have recently died in drug-related violence in Marseille – even as ever more people are moving there. The government is investing billions in the city, but can it still be saved?

Fri, 16 Feb 2024 18:59:00 +0100
Trump's Threat: How Prepared Is the German Defense Industry
Too little and too outdated: If the United States were to abandon its protection of Europe, the German arsenal of weapons would barely be enough to defend the country. Companies like Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann are trying to change the stat...

Wed, 14 Feb 2024 13:42:00 +0100
Does Russian Billionaire Arkady Volozh Really Belong on the EU Sanctions List?
The EU has placed a Russian internet billionaire on its sanctions list who has criticized Putin's war and turned his back on his home country. Do the punitive measures go too far in cases like his?