Slovenia Times

Sat, 22 Jun 2024 08:00:00 +0200
President launches charitable foundation
President Nataša Pirc Musar has launched a charitable foundation whose core mission is to further career development of youths and intergenerational cooperation. The idea for Alma Foundation emerged when Pirc Musar was campaigning for president and ...

Fri, 21 Jun 2024 20:04:34 +0200
Minister takes flack over French far right statement
Slovenian Finance Minister Klemen Boštjančič has been hit with criticism after saying in an interview that he would have no problem working with a French far right government in the event Marine Le Pen's National Rally wins the upcoming parliament...

Fri, 21 Jun 2024 16:15:19 +0200
Slovenian EU court judge dies
One of Slovenia's foremost jurists, Marko Ilešič, who was re-appointed Slovenia's judge at the Court of Justice of the EU a year ago after serving there since 2004, has died aged 76. Ilešič was Slovenia's first representative on the Luxembourg-ba...

Fri, 21 Jun 2024 09:32:55 +0200
First Slovenian food delivery service resurrected
For a decade Ehrana was the first online food delivery service in Slovenia before it was absorbed by Glovo, a Spanish provider, in 2021. A month after Glovo left the market, Ehrana has been resurrected by its previous owner. "In two weeks more than 7...

Thu, 20 Jun 2024 18:44:10 +0200
Youths becoming more right wing
Public opinion polls have started detecting this trend recently, but now an in-depth study has provided further final confirmation: Slovenian youths are becoming increasingly conservative. This follows from a new international youth study by the Frie...