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Sat, 2 Mar 2024 12:30:59 GMT
Swiss Farmers’ Union president warns against over-aggressive protests
Markus Ritter has called for the recent protests to lead to better prices for producers. He also warned farmers against demonstrating to the point of creating a bad image. “Farmers are very well established in the political arena,” the parliament...

Sat, 2 Mar 2024 11:32:34 GMT
Swiss government clamps down on alien plants
The government has banned certain non-native plant species including cherry laurels – which garden centres will no long be able to sell as of September 1. The decision to ban the sale of certain plants to third parties, taken on Friday, follows up ...

Sat, 2 Mar 2024 11:06:44 GMT
Swiss couples with children: men do twice as much paid work as women
Men still do most of the paid work in households with children, while women are catching up only slowly, a study has found. Women in households with children do paid work for an average of 17.9 hours per week, compared to 39.8 hours for men, accordin...

Sat, 2 Mar 2024 09:44:21 GMT
Gunvor lands hefty fine in Ecuador bribery case
Swiss commodity trader Gunvor was ordered on Friday to pay some $662 million (CHF585 million) to US and Swiss authorities in connection with the bribery of public officials in Ecuador. Gunvor “has accepted responsibility for the actions of certain ...

Fri, 1 Mar 2024 16:59:47 GMT
Government plans to invest CHF1 billion in Swiss culture
The Swiss government wants to invest CHF988 million in cultural activities for the 2025-2028 period – less than it had initially planned. The aim is to make the culture sector more sustainable long-term. The Federal Council on Friday announced that...