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Peter Singer on animal rights, protest and controversy
He's the moral philosopher whose hugely influential 1975 book 'Animal Liberation' made the moral case for respecting the rights of animals and not eating meat.

Baroness Hallett: Covid inquiry head issues public rebuke to government
The Covid inquiry and the government continue to lock horns.

New wave of nursing strikes in Wales amid bitter pay dispute
Nurses in Wales have begun a fresh wave of strikes amid a bitter dispute over pay.

Prince Harry ‘the only person rich and powerful enough’ to take on tabloids in court, says former Guardian editor
We spoke to Alan Rusbridger, the former editor-in-chief of the Guardian and asked him who has more to lose in this High Court battle: Prince Harry or the newspapers?

Prince Harry tells court press have ‘blood on their hands’
Prince Harry had longed for years to get his own back on the tabloid press whom he blamed for the death of his mother and then for what he saw as endless intrusions into his private life.

Daily Mail

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:53:02 GMT
Sources say video of Amanda Holden 'mocking' Holly Willoughby was 'taken out of context'
The video of Amanda Holden mocking Holly Willoughby has been 'taken out of context', sources say. The insiders allege that she 'has no issues with Holly' but has 'long despised' Phillip,

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:52:44 GMT
Fears Russia will hold American citizens hostage after plane in Russia's Far East 
The flight, believed to be carrying Americans, had to land at Magadan airport in the port town of Magadan in the far east of the country after suffering a technical issue.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:35:44 GMT
UK still paying nearly double the European average for electricity 
British households pay nearly double the average across Europe for electricity, according to research by retailer The Underfloor Heating Store.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:19:54 GMT
JAN MOIR: Prince Harry must have longed for the schmaltzy embrace of Oprah!
JAN MOIR: Harry must have longed for the embrace of an Oprah interview as he was cross-examined on the stand in his case against Mirror Group Newspapers.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:17:27 GMT
EE customers stung by new Europe fees in 47 holiday hotspots
Pay-as-you-go customers with telecoms giant EE are now charged 70p a minute to make a call, or 30p to send a text message when they visit Europe.

Daily Star

Wed, 7 Jun 2023 07:57:52 +0000
'Mean' Elle Brooke slammed by Piers Morgan for 'shameful slur' on Talk TV show
Top influencer Elle Brooke made a shock appearance as a guest on Piers Morgan's TalkTV show Uncensored where she defended her career choice, while firing several shots at Morgan

Wed, 7 Jun 2023 07:38:13 +0000
Schoolboy, 14, dead after lunchtime 'incident' at Lewis Capaldi's former school
A 14-year-old boy is understood to have died at his school following an incident at lunchtime, with emergency services called to the scene before taking him to hospital

Wed, 7 Jun 2023 03:54:23 +0000
Storm Oscar to bring chaos to Britain with 28C scorcher and lightning
Spain is already on alert as Storm Oscar is poised to create chaos in mere hours, with the Met Office confirming the UK will feel the wrath of its humidity by the weekend

Tue, 6 Jun 2023 23:11:53 +0000
Masturbation is 10 million years old – our ape ancestors were at it all the time
Lead author Dr Matilda Brindle, of University College London, said it is an ancient trait within the primate order – beginning much earlier than previously believed

Tue, 6 Jun 2023 22:09:19 +0000
Pest driving instructor asked 'drop dead gorgeous' woman 'who's your daddy' 15 times
In the last year, 128 complaints were made by students against their driving instructors for sexual harassment and touching to vile, threatening, and aggressive language

Sky News

Tue, 06 Jun 2023 21:53:00 +0100
Whole villages and towns engulfed by torrent of water unleashed after dam explosion
The torrent of water unleashed by the breaching of the Nova Kakhovka dam has engulfed whole villages, towns, agricultural land and large sections of Kherson city in southern Ukraine.

Tue, 06 Jun 2023 16:40:00 +0100
UK to have one of the highest inflation rates in the developed world this year, new forecast shows
Britain will have one of the highest rates of inflation of any major developed economy this year but should narrowly avoid recession, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has said in its latest set of forecasts.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:13:00 +0100
Boy, 14, dies after 'isolated incident' at school
A 14-year-old boy has died after an "isolated incident" at a school in West Lothian.

Tue, 06 Jun 2023 19:30:00 +0100
Andrew Tate 'strangled me until I lost consciousness' before raping me, woman claims
A woman who claims social media influencer Andrew Tate raped her is planning to sue him.

Tue, 06 Jun 2023 23:04:00 +0100
Motorcycle rider dies after Isle of Man TT race crash
A man has died competing in the Isle of Man TT Races, organisers have confirmed.


Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:01:15 GMT
BBC, BA and Boots issued with ultimatum by cyber gang Clop
They say personal details of 100,000 staff at the BBC, British Airways and Boots will be published if employers do not get in touch.

Tue, 06 Jun 2023 21:01:00 GMT
Andrew Tate 'choked me until I passed out', UK woman claims
The woman is the latest to allege sexual violence against the controversial social media influencer.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:21:51 GMT
Rishi Sunak to raise trade issues in US talks with Joe Biden
The prime minister says "subsidy races" are not a solution to hitting climate goals, as he visits Washington.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:52:03 GMT
House prices in first annual fall for 11 years, says the Halifax
The UK's biggest mortgage lender says rising borrowing costs are affecting confidence.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 07:53:59 GMT
Boy, 14, dies after 'isolated incident' at school
The pupil from St Kentigern's Academy in West Lothian was taken to hospital but later died.

UK Daily Express

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:32:00 +0100
'Russian' cyber hackers blackmail BBC, BA and Boots with workers' bank details
The Clop group posted a notice on the dark web warning.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 08:21:00 +0100
Boy, 14, dies after 'incident' at Lewis Capaldi's old secondary school
A Police Scotland spokesperson said they are investigating the shock incident after the boy died at hospital on Tuesday.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 01:26:00 +0100
Mum angry over daughter's prom ban and says 'it's not her fault'
'We've bought her dress and ticket but she's been banned from prom'

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 06:00:00 +0100
Heartbreaking pictures of Rob Burrow's wife carrying husband shows extent of MND struggle
Rob Burrow's wife of 17 years and childhood sweetheart Lindsey is his full-time carer and mother to their three young children.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 00:36:00 +0100
BBC ‘biased on occasion’, says Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer
Lucy Frazer told MPs that although she is a supporter of the BBC, the corporation doesn't always get it right and on occasion has shown some sort of bias.

UK Independent

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 06:55:06 GMT
Rishi Sunak to flag Inflation Reduction Act concerns in talks with Joe Biden
He will also push for action on artificial intelligence (AI) regulation and seek greater economic co-operation with the US.

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 06:53:47 GMT
Sunak will raise concerns about Biden’s green subsidies
PM talks up anti-protectionist agenda ahead of meeting – insisting subsidy races are ‘zero sum’ game

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 06:51:29 GMT
Call for car park designs to evolve due to heavier electric cars
Many multi-storey car parks designed for cars of 1960s and 1970s

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 06:51:11 GMT
Call for car park designs to evolve due to heavier electric cars
Many multi-storey car parks designed for cars of 1960s and 1970s

Wed, 07 Jun 2023 06:38:00 GMT
Woman accusing Andrew Tate of rape says she lost consciousness: ‘I thought I was going to die’
Influencer Andrew Tate ‘vehemently denies the accusations and does not condone violence of any kind towards women’ spokesperson says

UK Telegraph

Mon, 23 Jan 2023 08:30:49 GMT
Ambulance strike dates: When they are and what to do if you need emergency help

Mon, 23 Jan 2023 08:17:55 GMT
Mass flight cancellations at Heathrow as temperatures plunge to lowest in a decade

Mon, 23 Jan 2023 07:25:44 GMT
Nurses strike: Dates of NHS walkouts and which areas are affected

Mon, 23 Jan 2023 07:25:17 GMT
Teachers strikes: When will they take place, will all schools close and what will be disrupted?

Mon, 23 Jan 2023 04:49:32 GMT
Police hunt hit-run driver after six people hurt in North London crash

UK Times