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Teacher's Day Special: Need to prepare teachers for role of educational therapists
Teacher's Day is going to be observed on September 5 with the same rituals as usual. However, there is a need to discuss certain serious issues of educational practices and emergent roles of teachers.

When we die each day to all that is old; there can be the new: J Krishnamurti
"There can be nothing new; there can be nothing creative, in that which has continuance - which is fairly obvious. It is only when continuity ends that there is a possibility of that which is ever new. But it is this ending that we dread and we don't...

Bungalows, a vanishing lifestyle: My tale of two cities
Mumbai's famous landmark, the Gateway of India marks the spot where King George V and Queen Mary landed in 1911. They were on their way to lay the foundation stone for the up and coming new capital of India, which was being shifted from Calcutta to w...

Jaipur celebrates Janmashtami with a music and art festival dedicated to theme of life and works of Lord Krishna
In Jaipur, the new trends in of celebrating Krishna Janmashtami are emerging. One of them is in form of cultural event called "Mere To Girdhar Gopal Art and Music Festival" at the KK Square in C-Scheme in the city. Along with the singing of devotiona...

Digitisation of research-facilitative material in disability education is helpful in planning differentiated learning: Study
"Learning by differently abled children with their diverse needs necessitates the develioment of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) after their assessment and diagnosis is done. The process becomes efficient and effective if evidence-based and cli...

La Paz in Bolivia: Highest capital of indigenous nation that surprises visitors with its immense diversity
"La Paz, Bolivia is such a wonderful place-colourful, vibrant, dynamic. It's also the highest capital city in the world," wrote Deepali Nimbalkar in her facebook post when she visited the country in August this year and sent a picture taken from Val...

Amazon rainforest: Marvel of nature and unrivaled ecosystem in size and diversity
"A childhood dream of visiting the Amazon rainforest is finally fulfilled. Visited the unspoilt and fabulous Madidi National Park accessible only by boat along with the pampas. What an experience! Camping, night walks, fishing for piranhas, building ...

Jain Muni Tarun Sagar passes away, PM Modi expresses grief
Noted Digambara Jain Monk Tarun Sagar, 51, passed away this morning in Delhi's Radhapuri Jain temple. He was admitted to a private hospital recently after being diagnosed with jaundice.

Model United Nations Simulation Program opens new possibilities in education
Schools worldwide follow a particular trend based on various researches, academic journals and own experiences. Many new trends and practices come in and old go out, however, few things remain unchanged in schooling.

Life & Death: A non-poem
Dear one departed Left was I Confronted with death Consumed by emotion ~*~